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we are open!

First, I wanted to thank everyone who was so supportive these last several months. Your purchases, your emails, your DM’s, your comments. We are so grateful for each and every one of you. We want to be here in 2021, and every single purchase you make helps ensure we will be. 

At our stores, the health and safety of our customers and staff have always been of utmost importance. We follow all recommendations put forth by the KCMO reopening guide ‘Safe Return KC’ as well as consult with medical professionals.

Everyone who enters the shops, both staff and customers, is asked to wear a mask. We have paper masks available for anyone who needs one. We also sell fabric masks.

Everyone is asked to hand sanitize when they enter.

In order to maintain social distancing, we will be serving fewer customers at a time, and may need to ask you to wait outside if the store is too crowded (don't worry, hasn't happened yet). 

Yes, our fitting rooms are open! To keep everyone safe, we sanitize all clothing that has been tried on. 

We sanitize any high-touch areas after every customer.

We continue to offer a variety of local options to match your comfort level: delivery, curbside pickup during open hours, and we are happy to announce we offer 1:1 private shopping appointments as well as shopping via FaceTime.

A 1:1 shopping appointment can be booked by emailing us at They are available in thirty-minute increments and will be scheduled during closed hours. Please allow 24-hours notice when booking. We respectfully request if you make an appointment to please not cancel. Shopping via FaceTime is also available during any open hours. Feel free to text the shop ahead of time to confirm if a staffer is free. 

We ask anyone who isn’t feeling well to please shop from the comfort of their home, either through our website or via FaceTime.

So many details and we appreciate you taking the time to read. We know this is a new normal for us all, and are grateful for your patience and support. 

Best, Abby