welcome and thank you!

Lady Bye officially opened her doors yesterday at 11:05am. I have to smile at this, as I've opened many retail spaces and I always manage to open five minutes late on the first morning. As someone who takes pride in being on time, I have learned to just shake my head and smile and appreciate that at least I'm consistent. 

Opening a business is like running a marathon, or having a new baby. The pace cannot always be a sprint, and your house will look perpetually like a tornado came through, and sleep will be something you know will come again, someday. At least this is the case for us. 

We officially received the keys to Lady Bye a little over three weeks ago. From that moment, our long strides of preparation turned into a mad-dash. A huge shout-out to my amazing husband who was alongside me with every step, and managed so much of the logistical side of build-out. And all while battling that epic flu that swept through all of KC (and for him then turned into mono- poor Mark).

I'm so thrilled to bring Lady Bye into fruition. I pictured her (my shops are like boats, always ladies) a year ago, at the same time I conceived the COCO concept. I do hope I can find my original sketch for the facade, as what is there today at 6245 Brookside Plaza is so very, very close. (Shout-out to our amazing graphic designer Lauren Allen- if anyone needs a designer I cannot say enough. She took my vision and ran to places I never imagined!) And to be in Brookside, my home. It makes me so very happy. 

From me to you all, I welcome you to Lady Bye. And cannot wait to see you soon! 

Abby xoxo


  (200 photos of the shop on opening day and only one of myself- resting on the love seat in a quiet moment- must add 'get photo in front of shop' to my opening day checklist going forward!)